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Washington State University logo - primary

WSU logo - horizontal

WSU logo - Vertical


The official graphic signature (logo) of the University consists of two elements:

  • the logotype (words Washington State University)
  • and the shield mark (letters W, S, and U arranged to form a cougar head framed by a shield accented by a cevron)

The logotype and mark are designed to be used as a single unit, as shown, for most communications.

Visit and click on "details" for complete guidelines and examples of how not to use the University logos.

For color and size variations please contact Lori Maricle at



College of Pharmacy logos


College of Pharmacy unit logo


This signature option emphasizes the name of the department, center, institute, or college. The primary institutional identifiers — the shield mark and the custom-typeset words Washington State University — complement the unit name.

Some colleges may prefer that the name of the college, rather than a department, center, or institute name, is featured when this option is chosen. Check with your college communications manager to find out.

For color and size variations please contact Lori Maricle at



Abbreviated unit logo - limited use only

College of Pharmacy logo


Abbreviated signatures are for limited use only, primarily when these conditions are present:

  • Space or reproduction considerations make it difficult to incorporate the complete version of the signature, such as when creating some types of branded merchandise (pens, key chains, lapel pins, etc.)
  • The communication will be directed to audiences (usually local or regional) already familiar with WSU who will recognize the university's academic mark

For color and size variations please contact Lori Maricle at



Health Sciences Spokane


WSU Pharmacy Health Sciences Spoknae logo


Both "Health Sciences" and "Health Sciences Spokane" are approved logo variations.



WSU shield mark - use for internal communication

shield mark 

For guidelines on when to use the shield mark, and when to use the free standing cougar head, visit and click on "details" under the "shield and spirit marks" heading.


WSU Pharmacy Insignia - use for internal or pharmacy specific communication

pharmacy insignia





College of Pharmacy electronic letterhead
Download it here

*Please note: the WSU official font for printed letters is:

ITC Stone Serif Medium

If you do not have this font series installed on your work station please contact the pharmacy IT helpdesk to request the font. Cost for the font install is $40, billed to your department budget.

For complete information on offical WSU fonts, click here:

For letterhead and business card ordering information, click here: Ordering and Purchasing

Poster and PowerPoint templates are coming soon!

Please check back, or contact Lori Maricle at


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