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This department is home to our clinical faculty who do majority of the teaching in our Doctor of Pharmacy program. In addition, they are also practitioners with research focused on diabetes, teaching and learning innovations including the use of human patient simulation, pharmacists as emergency responders, pharmacokinetics, HIV, geriatrics, and novel practice methods.

The department is home to the:
Drug Information Center
Geriatrics Research Team
Human Patient Simulation Team

Meet the Chair

Dr. John R. White's research is focused on diabetes treatment and pharmacokinetic research of nicotine, caffeine, and naloxone.

See Dr. White's faculty bio page for more details.

      Pharmacotherapy emeritus faculty

Preceptor resources

In recognition of the important role our preceptors play in educating our student pharmacists, active preceptors within Experiential Services are invited to join the Washington State University College of Pharmacy with adjunct faculty status. Tangible benefits from this appointment include access to the WSU Library, online pharmacy resources and more.

If interested in this appointment, please contact Cris Mudd, Experiential Services Program Assistant at | 509-358-7669.



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Department Chair

John R. White

Office staff

Dawn Scartozzi
Assistant to the Chair
509-368-6677, HSB 210 K

Abby Parsons
Department Assistant
509-358-7766, HSB 210 A