Admission Information

The College of Pharmacy has a two part application process. One part includes the PharmCAS national application service for pharmacy schools. The other part is the WSU supplemental application, submitted through CollegeNET.

There is no requirement for which part you complete first, but to be considered for admission you must have both application parts submitted. You must also be scheduled to take the PCAT and either have completed, or have a plan to complete, the pre-pharmacy requirements.

WSU supplemental application

The WSU Supplemental Application is completed and submitted through CollegeNET. You will need to create an account in CollegeNET and then access the WSU Supplemental Application through the link on our apply page.

The professional goals statement must also be submitted through CollegeNET with your supplemental application.

Need more information on the professional goals statement questions? Read our helpful tips.

PharmCAS application

The following information is regarding elements that are submitted through PharmCAS.

PCAT scores

Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) scores should be sent directly to PharmCAS using Code 104. A PCAT score is required for admission.

Early Decision applicants should test no later than July of the application filing period. Regular decision applicants should test no later than September. We do not have a minimum PCAT score.

PharmCAS will match your PCAT scores to your application based on your PCAT CID. Be sure to enter your PCAT CID on your PharmCAS application. This number appears on your PCAT registration confirmation, admission ticket, and personal score report. If your PCAT CID is missing, PharmCAS can NOT match or forward your PCAT scores.

How we use your PCAT scores:
Although we require applicants to submit PCAT scores we currently do not rank applicants by composite scores. At this time we are gathering information how to best use the PCAT. We will look at the Writing Problem Solving Score and do use this writing score in the overall applicant rank.

Grade point averages

To be considered for admission your overall GPA as reported by PharmCAS must be 2.7 or higher. If your GPA is lower but you have extenuating circumstances that you believe should be considered, you may write a letter to explain. Letters of explanation should be addressed to the Director of Student Services, and be sent to

Letters of recommendation

Two letters are required. One from a professional source and one from an academic source. Three letters are recommended. A letter from a pharmacist is not required but highly recommended.

Academic sources include: professors or instructors who have directly interacted with the student in a classroom setting or official, university or college-affiliated academic advisors.

Professional sources include: employers or volunteer organization personnel with whom the applicant has directly worked.

Recommendations are NOT ACCEPTED from family members, friends, politicians, teaching assistants, fraternity or sorority advisors, personal health care providers or high school faculty/advisors. Recommendations are not accepted from career services or reference letter centers.


Submit through PharmCAS official transcripts from the colleges or universities where the pre-pharmacy coursework was completed.

General admission process information

Applications may be submitted beginning on July 14, and consideration of complete applications for interview slots will begin on August 1 - giving first priority to Tier 1 and Early Decision applicants - and proceed on a rolling basis. Since interview slots are limited, it is to your advantage to apply as early as possible.

  • Tier 1 - July 14 through September 1
  • Tier 2 - September 2 through November 1
  • Tier 3 - November 2 through January 5

Tier 1 and Early Decision applicants will receive first considerations for interview slots. Tier 2 applicants will receive second consideration for interview slots. Tier 3 applicants will receive third consideration for interview slots. Applications not completed by January 5 are LATE and will unlikely be reviewed.

After interviews are completed, applicants are notified of admission decisions by mid-October for Early Decision Program applicants, and by mid-March for the regular application process.

Gaining pharmacy experience

WSU does not require a minimum number of hours of experience, but pharmacy related experience is highly recommended. Many applicants have worked in a health care environment.

If you are interested in gaining experience in a pharmacy, start talking with pharmacists about a career in pharmacy and consider applying for a pharmacy assistant license. It is hard to gain pharmacy related experience unless you work in a pharmacy.

Learn how to get your pharmacy assistant license »

Get more information from the
Washington State Board of Pharmacy »

The interview

Interviews are conducted by invitation only on the Health Sciences campus in Spokane, Washington. Interview invitations will be sent via email.

While the students we admit demonstrate very high academic achievements, grades are not the only consideration. We are looking for well-rounded, highly motivated people who would make good practitioners.

If you are invited for an interview, you will visit with a faculty member and a student ambassador for about 30 minutes. The entire interview process takes about 2 hours.

Criminal background checks

If you are offered admission to the Pharm.D. program, you will receive an email request from PharmCAS for information to allow a criminal background check. Be apprised that the Washington State Board of Pharmacy can refuse to issue you a license to practice in the state of Washington due to a felony conviction.

While public institutions may or may not deny you admission based on a criminal record, you may not receive board approval based on a felony record. Since a board-approved internship licensure is required to complete the experiential portions of the professional curriculum, you would not be able to academically progress successfully beyond the first professional year.

If you have a criminal conviction on your record you may not be able to complete your degree, regardless of whether WSU grants you admission to the Pharm.D. program.

Financial aid

Pharmacy students may apply for financial aid and should submit the FAFSA online. Go to and use 003800 as the school code.

Some loans for healthcare professionals require parent information, regardless of the student's age and dependent status. has more information. 

Out-of-state residents

Washington state residents are given priority in the admissions process. Approximately 30 percent of the incoming class are out of state students.

If you are a resident of a WICHE state, you may be eligible for a tuition break. For more information, contact WICHE at:

WICHE Student Exchange Program
3035 Center Green Drive
Boulder, CO 80301-2204
(303) 541-0214

International students

We do not consider international students for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Students from foreign countries who have become U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or who have a green card will be considered for admission if they have a critical mass (two years or more) of credits earned from post-secondary schools in the United States. Anyone who holds international transcripts is required to have them evaluated by ECE (, WES (, or any similar translating service if you are requesting a unofficial evaluation of your coursework.

Transfer admission policy

A student who is currently enrolled in good academic standing in a Doctor of Pharmacy program at another campus, and is applying to the WSU Pharmacy program, is considered a "transfer student."

Students who have been decertified, or asked to leave their original program due to academic deficiencies, are not eligible for transfer into the WSU program.

Students requesting to transfer from their original school/college of pharmacy into the professional program at the WSU College of Pharmacy must submit the following materials by April 1 of the year they wish to transfer:

  1. Completed WSU College of Pharmacy supplemental application through CollegeNET, including the professional goals statement and the prerequisite matching form.
  2. Three letters of recommendation, including one from a counterpart to the WSU College of Pharmacy Director of Student Services (e.g. the Director of Student Services or Academic Affairs) from the student's current college of pharmacy, and at least one from a pharmacist who has first hand knowledge of the student's capabilities, must be provided.
  3. Official transcripts from the student's current school/college of pharmacy. The student must also submit transcripts from the institutions where the pre-pharmacy coursework was completed.
  4. The student must provide course syllabi from the previous program (to help determine which WSU courses will be waived).
  5. Dates and hours of the student's pharmacy experience (e.g., retail or hospital-based clinical experience—volunteer, shadow, paid—outside of the professional curriculum) must be listed.  Any applicable Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences that have been completed must be listed and documented.
  6. Evidence that any current intern license remains valid.
  7. Information about any participation in student pharmacy organizations.
  8. A letter detailing the reasons why the student wants to transfer into our program.

The PCAT is not required for students transferring from another Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Potential transfer students do NOT need to fill out a PharmCAS application.

Materials should be submitted to the Director of Student Services. If materials are not received by April 1, the student will not be considered for transfer into the WSU College of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy Professional Program until the following year.

Mailing Address
Director of Student Services
College of Pharmacy
Washington State University
P.O. Box 1495
Spokane, WA  99210-1495

Email Address

*Please note that official transcripts must be mailed, not emailed.

The admissions committee will consider requests from students from other professional programs to transfer into our program on a case-by-case basis. A student wishing to transfer into our program must be in good standing at his/her current college/school, academically strong and competitive with those students who are admitted to our program through the regular process. However, a strong academic record, pharmacy experience, and professional involvement do not guarantee admission into our program. Applicants for transfer must also undergo a background check as described above.

Because of differences in professional pharmacy programs, if a student is approved for transfer into our program, there is no guarantee that the student will be granted the same year of standing as in the pharmacy school of origin. This is determined by the Director of Student Services following a careful analysis of the student's transcript, course syllabi, documentation of IPPE activities, and E-portfolio (if this latter item exists).

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Fall 2015
admissions timeline

Summer 2015: PharmCAS application and WSU Supplemental forms filing period opens

September 2: Early Decision Program admission deadlines. PharmCAS and supplemental applications due

October 10: Early Decision Program interviews conducted

Mid-October: Early Decision Program applicants notified of admission decisions

December 5: Interviews conducted

January 5: PharmCAS filing period closes and WSU supplemental application due.

January 10: Interviews conducted

February 2: Save a Seat applications due

February 7: Interviews conducted

March 6: Yakima location interviews

Mid-March: Applicants notified of admission decisions

March 26: Save a Seat interviews conducted


Campus safety

The Spokane campus safety report is available at the following link: WSU Spokane campus safety plan.


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