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Photo: WSU Researchers are studying pharmacogenomics, which is the foundation for personalized medicine.We maintain a thriving research program with emphasis in novel drug targets, pharmacology (drug interactions), pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics (personalized medicine), and drug discovery.

College departments with faculty researchers include pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacotherapy, and experimental and systems pharmacology.

Pharmacy faculty researchers in the news:

Pharmacrutical Sciences department welcomes three research faculty

Three new research-active faculty recently joined the College of Pharmacy - two from Penn... more

HSSA helps bring new faculty researcher from Ohio

Research scientist Sala-uddin Ahmed is looking forward to joining th faculty of the College of Pharmacy... more

Research project looks at drug regimens after hospital stay

Complexity index could help hospital readmission, allow early action. Is it possible to predict which... more

HSSA awards $1.965 million to WSU College of Pharmacy

The Health Sciences and Services Authority of Spokane County has awarded its single... more

Can you teach old drugs new tricks? A WSU pharmacy researcher thinks so.

A College of Pharmacy researcher finds potential new use for old drugs. A class of drugs used to treat parasitic... more



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Undergraduate Involvement

For undergraduate students interested in spending a summer with one of our researchers, we offer a summer fellowship program. Summer Fellowships »