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Your Future in Pharmacy

2016 Commencement Ceremony

Opening remarks
Student address
Keynote address: Laura Cranston
Conferring degrees (Pharm.D.)
Oath of a pharmacist

2015 Spokane White Coat Ceremony

Keynote address: Chris Greer

2015 Commencement Ceremony

Opening remarks
Student address
Keynote address: Richard Carmona
Conferring degrees (Ph.D.)
Conferring degrees (Pharm.D.)
Closing remarks

Videos from the News

image and link to KREM news story Fighting Fast Food Fat | Sept. 2013

Graduate student Heidi Medford is studying whether exercise can reverse heart damage caused by eating a diet high in saturated fat and sugar.

image and link to KREM news story Research Effort to Block Amino Acid Impact on PKU Brain Function | May 2013

Dr. Michael Gibson, Professor and Chair of The Clinical Pharmacology Unit at Washington State University, explains his novel research effort trying to understand ways to block the transport of the amino acid, Phenylalanine, that has a negative impact on Phenylketonuria (PKU) brain function.

image and link to KREM news story Professor researching foods he says prevent cancer | Nov. 2012

In a first-of-its kind study, WSU College of Pharmacy Professor Gary Meadows has pinpointed certain foods he discovered help prevent the spread of cancer.

Pharmacy News & Marketing Videos

video image Class of 2006 alumna | Aug. 2012

Washington State University prepares graduates for anything.

image and link to student advice video A student's advice | Aug. 2012

Meet class of 2013 College of Pharmacy student, Robert Bryan, from the Vancouver, Wash., area.

image and link to WSU professor's interview on the College of Pharmacy Professor Garrison | Aug. 2012

WSU Professor talks about the increased opportunities for graduates of the College of Pharmacy.

image and link to Pharmacy testimonial video Doug and Frank | Aug. 2012

Hear a testimonial from two pharmacists, also WSU College of Pharmacy class of 1982 alums.

image and link to faculty alumna testimonial A faculty alumna | Aug. 2012

Meet a clinical pharmacy Professor who graduated from WSU and returned to teach.

photo and link to You Tube video Japanese students meet SimMan | Mar. 2012

Pharmacy students from Spokane's Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute occasionally come to the Riverpoint Campus to learn with WSU pharmacy faculty and students. Pharmacy clinical associate professor Brenda Bray talks about the latest visit.

image and link to NBC video clip Teaching students to think analytically | 2012

Four professors and the college Dean explain why they are making changes.

Photo and link to You Tube video Biomedical building groundbreaking | Oct. 2011

Washington State University Vice Provost for Health Sciences Gary Pollack engages students in a discussion about interprofessional education at the groundbreaking ceremony for the university's Biomedical and Health Sciences Building on October 6, 2011.

image and link to Dean Pollack video Interprofessional education | Oct. 2011

A different approach to health sciences education. WSU Health Sciences have an opportunity to create better ways to do this.

image and link to WSU Pharmacy asthma lab video College of Pharmacy Asthma Lab | Oct. 2011

Second year students in the College of Pharmacy at Washington State University learn how to better manage care for patients with asthma.

image and link to WSU news video "House-call pharmacists bridge gap" The Golden Link - geriatric pharmacist
bridges the gap
| May. 2011

As a geriatric pharmacist and associate professor, Steve Setter consults with community social workers to help home-based elders successfully use their medications and attend to medical and social needs in order to remain in their homes longer.

image and link to Professor Tarriff video Emergency public health pharmacy | 2011

The Washington State University College of Pharmacy Preparedness Team joins with Spokane Regional Health District and the WSU College of Nursing to form an emergency response team able to deal with bioterrorism events and other disasters.

WSU News: Human tissue, data study eyes nuclear imapct
Oct. 2010

WSU News: Pharmacy students help diabetic kids just be kids
Aug. 2010

WSU News: Aspiring pharmacists learn, even talk, with Sim Man
Apr. 2010


Seminars & Lectures

link to video
Transform Health in 2013: A Call to Action! | May. 2013

Rear Admiral Scott Giberson, U.S. assistant surgeon general and licensed pharmacist speaks to the graduating class of 2013 on "Transforming Health Care in 2013."

photo and link to video Preparing for your Career in Pharmacy - Seminar Series | Nov. 2012

WSU College of Pharmacy Associate Dean for Professional Education Linda Garrelts MacLean, BPharm, RPh, CDE, speaks on "The Changing Face of the Profession."

photo and link to video Preparing for your Career in Pharmacy - Seminar Series | Oct. 2012

Senior Clinical Specialist Tim Bonino, RPh, MBA, at Genentech in Portland, Oregon, speaks on "Industry: What Opportunities Exist for Pharmacists in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Can Pharmacists Influence the Practice from this Arena?"


2014 Commencement Ceremony

Opening remarks
Keynote address: Susan Winckler
Student speakers
Conferring degrees (Pharm.D.)
Conferring degrees (NEP)
Closing remarks

2013 Commencement Ceremony

Opening remarks
Student speech
Keynote address: Rear Admiral Scott Giberson
Conferring degrees (Pharm.D.)
Conferring degrees (NEP)
Oath of a pharmacist
Closing remarks


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